Battery Cycle Process Sample IELTS Writing Task 1

Below is the “battery cycle” process sample for an IELTS Writing Task 1 Actual Test in Vietnam. This sample is revised by an ex-examiner.

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The “battery cycle” process sample

The given process illustrates how old automotive batteries are recycled.In general, there are two different recycling “streams” which use parts of old batteries.

 Frist of all, used batteries from garages are collected and delivered to recycling factory where battery acid liquid are drawn off, leaving the lead and plastic cases.

 At the next stage, the liquid is then treated with chemicals and converted to solid crystals that are used in glass and textiles manufacturing.

 At the same time, used cases and lead are used in the “cycle of new battery”. Plastic cases are crushed to small plastic pellets of a uniform size. Following that is building a new battery case from these pellets that are sold to the manufacture of the new battery. Simultaneously, lead grids are heated in smelting furnaces; beforehand, this molten lead is used to make new grids. Finally, the new battery is produced from the new case, the new grids and added acid.

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