Bài mẫu sample answer IELTS Speaking chủ đề gia đình – Family topic – một chủ đề rất hay gặp trong IELTS Speaking.

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1. Do you like to talk with your parents?

I find it difficult to talk with them at least now. My parents just try to convince me to follow their footsteps, becoming a businessman and woman that could run in the family, but I dream of being an educator. So, this “serious” topic has become so hot every time we talk but I often get bored and find the way to leave it.

2. What don’t you like about your brother or sister?

What I don’t like about my sister is that she always let herself getting into trouble at school like staying out late or just being lazy. So that makes my poor mother and I have to try to turn a blind eye to some of her behavior, but it wasn’t easy.

3. Would you say that your family affects your life very much?

I’d like to say that no one could influence as strongly on my life as my father, an businessman. I followed his footsteps and joined him on the family company. He enjoys showing me the ropes that’ll helps a lot when I’m going to run my own business.

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